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Solaris 11 Launch Blog Carnival Roundup

2011-11-12 Obsolete

Solaris 11 is here!

And together with the official launch activities, a lot of Oracle and non-Oracle bloggers contributed helpful and informative blog articles to help your datacenter go to eleven.

Here are some notable blog postings, sorted by category for your Solaris 11 blog-reading pleasure:

Getting Started/Overview

A …

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Solaris 11 Available for Early Adopters

2011-09-12 Obsolete

Maybe I should write more frequently, though that would mean shorter, less elaborate articles. This is the first one of that kind. Let me know what you think!

Recently, the Oracle Solaris 11 Early Adopter Release (no link, page no longer exists) became available on the Oracle Technology Network (BTW …

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ZFS: To Dedupe or Not to Dedupe…

2011-07-27 Obsolete

…that is the question.

Ever since the introduction of deduplication into ZFS, users have been divided into two camps: One side enthusiastically adopted deduplication as a way to save storage space, while the other remained skeptical, pointing out that dedupe has a cost, and that it may not be always …

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The Solaris Eco-System Is Expanding

2011-06-13 Obsolete

More than a while ago, I wrote about the birth of Illumos, a project that aims at substituting the last non-open-source bits from the OpenSolaris kernel with replacements, in order to create a 100% open source Solaris kernel.

On May 20th, I had the opportunity to attend the Nexenta European …

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How to Render the Mandelbrot Set in the Joyent Cloud With Node.js

2011-05-15 Obsolete

First of all: Apologies for not posting for a long time. The reason? I was having too much fun with node.js and the Joyent Cloud :).

What started as a small experimental hack turned quickly into an exciting new pet project involving the good old Mandelbrot Set, as a web …

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Checking Out the Amplidata Storage Cloud Technology

2011-03-28 Obsolete

Last week during WorldHostingDays, I had the opportunity to visit Tom (@tomme), a former colleague of mine who came with Q-Layer to Sun, then to Oracle. Today, he works for a new Belgian startup called Amplidata (no link, amplidata.com no longer exists), a company that specializes in building storage …

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How to Set Up a ZFS Root Pool Mirror in Oracle Solaris 11 Express

2011-03-14 Obsolete

One of the first things to do when setting up a new system is to mirror your boot disk. This protects you against system disk failures: If one of the two mirrored boot disks fails, the system can continue running from the other disk without downtime. You can even boot …

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Frequently Asked Questions About Flash Memory (SSDs) and ZFS

2011-02-19 Obsolete

A few weeks ago, a reader asked me a couple of questions about SSDs and ZFS, hinting that this might be a good topic to write a blog post about.

Sure enough, just last week, a couple of similar questions came up, this time from a customer and a colleague …

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Video: An Interview With the Fathers of “Iron Sky”

2011-01-25 Obsolete

A deserted street in the docks. The rain is pouring.

A small, old, flower-power style painted Volkswagen van drives by at high speed, then stops below a lifting crane, tires screeching.

The door opens and a woman stumbles out of the vehicle, as if trying to escape. A tall man …

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