Antique Typewriter on Dark Wood

Photo by Patrick Fore,
on Unsplash

When writing my post on renovations, while mentioning automatic link checking and automatic HTML checking, I thought to myself: “Hey, how about automatic spell-checking?”. After all, OSes, word processors, etc. come with some built in spell checking.

Some research pointed me at LanguageTool. It’s free for basic use, open source, built in Europe, and has credible customers. It also supports multiple languages. And Markdown. What’s not to love?

(BTW, this is my first post in the “link post” format, popularized by John Gruber and others. These are short posts about cool, useful, or otherwise interesting links I found on the web. Just click on the post title to check it out.)

Link: LanguageTool

Linkpost: A short article about an interesting/cool/useful link I found on the web. Just click on the title to go there.

By Constantin Gonzalez, 2022-06-18 in Tools.


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