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Iron Sky Update: A Behind the Scenes Video Interview

Iron Sky Update

If you’ve been following my blog or the podcast for some time, then you probably know that I’m a big fan of and small investor in the movie Iron Sky, a crowd-funded science-fiction comedy about the Nazis who went to the dark side of the moon in 1945 and come back to conquer Earth in 2018.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending a pre-screening of the movie’s beta version in Helsinki, Finland. What can I say? It exceeded my high expectations!

The script is ingeniously written, just the right mix of humor, action, character and political satire. All actors are brilliant: Götz Otto, Christopher Kirby, Tilo Prückner and Udo Kier gave the movie a unique blend of coolness, style, creepiness and comedy while Julia Dietze and Peta Sergeant stood out in excellently played character roles. Special kudos to Stephanie Paul for being the most hilarious US President in movie history!

Director Timo Vuorensola found just the right balance between comedy, action and the occasional emotional moment. The whole production has a very high quality feeling, despite the limited (by hollywood standards) budget of about 7.5 Million Euros.

Video Interview

After the pre-screening, I had the opportunity to interview Tero Kaukomaa, producer of Iron Sky and Pekka Ollula, Social Media Manager. We talked about the audience’s first impressions, a day in the life of a movie producer, and some cool new side projects such as the Iron Sky Comic Book (no link, no longer exists) or the brand new Iron Sky board game (no link, no longer exists).

Here’s the full interview (sorry for the slightly shaky camera):

Wanna see more videos? Check out an interview with the fathers of Iron Sky from last year. Or go watch some cool Iron Sky teasers (no link, no longer exists).

Participate in Iron Sky!

Iron Sky is scheduled for world-wide release in April 4, 2012. If you want to participate, you still can:

  • There’s some room for a few more fan investors: Check out the Iron Sky Finance page (no link, no longer exists) for prerequisites to becoming an investor in Iron Sky and become part of the biggest crowd-funding effort in movie history!

  • For only EUR 1 (or more), you can take a sneak peek (no link, no longer exists) at the full production process of the first 5 minutes of the movie, from script to storyboard to shooting to special FX and final result.

  • If you want to see your company logo on Times Square within the movie, there may still be an Iron Sky Times Square sponsoring opportunity (no link, no longer exists) left!

  • Every T-Shirt, board game or other fan item bought in the Iron Sky Store (no link, no longer exists) helps promote the movie while contributing to the production budget.

  • Spread the word! Visit the “Demand Iron Sky (no link, no longer exists)” page and help sell the movie to distributors, like the Iron Sky page on Facebook, follow Iron Sky on Twitter or just tell all your friends. With more than 80,000 fans on Facebook, the movie is already a social media phenomenon, let’s reach 100k fans on Facebook by the time it reaches the theaters!

Special Constant Thinking Iron Sky T-Shirt Contest!

Win an official Iron Sky T-Shirt by promoting this interview! Just tweet (or retweet) a link to this article along with the #ironsky hashtag and enter a draw to win a t-shirt!

On January 15th, I’ll randomly draw the lucky winner out of all participants and send her/him an official Iron Sky t-shirt.

Disclaimers, Disclosures and Stuff

Standard disclaimers apply for the T-Shirt contest, this is no official promo, no legal hassles please, this is just for fun among friends.

Disclosure: I’m a proud investor in Iron Sky which means that I’m biased, have a commercial interest in this project and that I want you to see the movie and tell all your friends about it.

Update (2012-01-01): A stupid bug killed the intro part of the article, restored from a draft. Also corrected the praise for Julia and Peta since my poor English didn’t do them enough justice before :).

Update (2012-01-06): Corrected the year to 2018. In 2038, earth will face a different problem. Thanks to Max who pointed that out in the comments!

Update (2012-01-20): The results are in!

Today I determined the lucky winner of the Twitter #ironsky retweet contest. 15 different people retweeted this article before or on January 15th, here’s the list:

  1. @TAKIM0T0
  2. @sascha242
  3. @MThorr
  4. @zarkon
  5. @Okona
  6. @bayoda
  7. @sunian314
  8. @ironskyfilm
  9. @optionstrict
  10. @BrodyK91
  11. @shift_plusone
  12. @jenksho
  13. @digisubculture
  14. @apfelgriebs72

Special mention to @deltabps who retweeted this article, but was a bit late. So 14 people altogether qualified for the t-shirt draw.

Here’s the first winner, determined by a roll of Unix dice:

  constantins-macbook-pro(2):~ constantin$ expr `cat /dev/random | head -c 1 | od -t u1 | head -1 | cut -c 11-` % 14

Congratulations @Okona!

Now, I personally know Okona who is a regular guest at the HELDENfunk podcast, so I didn’t feel good about keeping the t-shirt in the family so to speak, so I decided to give away a second t-shirt! Here’s the second roll of dice:

  constantins-macbook-pro(2):~ constantin$ expr `cat /dev/random | head -c 1 | od -t u1 | head -1 | cut -c 11-` % 14

Congratulations @digisubculture!

Damn, again someone I know personally from my university days in Clausthal :).

Ok. I’m rolling again until I get someone I don’t know. Here’s lucky winner #3:

  constantins-macbook-pro(2):~ constantin$ expr `cat /dev/random | head -c 1 | od -t u1 | head -1 | cut -c 11-` % 14

Congratulations @apfelgriebs72!

That’s it, congratulations to you all! I’ll send you some DMs now and ask for your shipping addresses so I can send you your T-Shirts.

But wait! Since Twitter and I aren’t infallible, there’s a slight chance that someone who re(tweeted) a link to this article with the #ironsky hashtag before or on January 15th didn’t come to my attention and so wasn’t included in the above list by pure bad luck. If that is you, then send me a link to your Tweet using the contact form of this site to prove it and I’ll send you another T-Shirt!

(Just to avoid getting broke due to very unlikely events, this offer is only valid for the first three people to qualify for this, and only for the remainder of January 2012.)


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