Ebook Thoughts: What Are Ebooks And What Are They Not?

A book goes electronic. Sort of.

2010 is going to be the year of the ebook. If it wasn't obvious before, it became so overnight after Apple entered the ebook reader and distribution market big time.

I've been eying ebook and ebook reader developments for some time and decided to become an ebook early adopter: Over the holidays, I bought myself a Sony PRS-600 Ebook Reader. In this new blogging category, I'll explore a few aspects of ebooks, formats and the ecosystem while trying to figure out what's in it for you and me and the geeks in us.

Before we dive into ebook-land, it's probably useful to figure out what the point of ebooks is in the first place, what we want from them and what we should expect of them. This is useful because today's consumers, vendors, and the whole industry seem to be distracted by features, hype and old habits, sometimes missing the point.