Here are a few videos of me floating around the net. Some of them are talks I gave during workshops or conferences, some have been shot together with my marketing colleagues, some are self-produced, including real short movies.

Some videos are in English and some in German, so don't worry if you don't understand something.


If you want to see more, check out Constantin's videos on Vimeo and Constantin's channel on YouTube.

Sun Open Storage - Top 5 Cool Features

United Kingdom
8 years 18 weeks ago
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Top 5 cool features of the new Sun Unified Storage 7000 Series products.

European education and research conference

United Kingdom
8 years 21 weeks ago
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Talking about cloud computing and giving his recommendations to students.
European education and research conference, Berlin 2009

Challenges and Opportunities 2009: Survival 2.0

8 years 26 weeks ago

This talk was during a conference for startups called "Challenges and Opportunities". It's about "Survival 2.0", inspired by Tim Bray's "The Fear Factor" talk at FOWA 2008 that he also elaborated about in a series of inspiring blog posts. Tim talked to developers, so I mixed in some of my own experience of having gone through the Dot-Com Bubble and made a 5-point list of tips to get you through tough times, that everyone of us can use today. Most, if not all of these tips are just common sense, it's just that we sometimes tend to lose our common sense when the going get's tough...

OpenSolaris Installation - einfach & schnell

9 years 8 weeks ago
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Hier zeige ich für, wie einfach die Installation von OpenSolaris ist.

CSI Munich: How to Save the World With ZFS and 12 USB Sticks (English dubbed Version)

United Kingdom
10 years 24 weeks ago

Here's a fun video that shows how cool the Sun Fire X4500 (codename: Thumper) is and how you can create your own Thumper experience on your laptop using Solaris ZFS and 12 USB sticks.

The original video was shot in German, this is the English dubbed version.

CSI Munich: Wir retten die Welt mit ZFS und 12 USB Sticks (German Version)

10 years 29 weeks ago

"Thumper" ist der Code-Name für den Sun Fire X4500 Server. Oder Storage. Servage? Oder Storver? Die Maschine hat nämlich 48 SATA-Platten (also Storage) und 2 Dual-Core Opterons und 4 GBE Schnittstellen (also Server). Zusammen ergibt das einen Hybriden mit unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten, mit 24TB in 4 Rack-Units für nur ca. 2$/GB.

"Immer noch zu teuer für unsere Entwickler" meint der Chef in diesem Video:

Dort zeigen wir nämlich, wie man mit Solaris ZFS und 12 billigen USB Memory Sticks einen "Thumper für Arme" bauen kann.