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Diego Aguirre

Diego is the leader of the Argentina Oracle User's Group. In his blog "Apuntes de Solaris", he notes down his day-to-day experience with Solaris in Spanish. If you speak Spanish, go check him out!

Christian Appel

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Der Umgang mit Schwafelsäure erfordert besondere Schutzvorkehrungen und geschieht auf eigene Gefahr!

Gerald Beuchelt

Web Services Contraptions.

Eric Bezille

Architecture and Innovation

Alpenglow Blog

Join him in learning bird photography. Amazing images!

Mika Borner

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Overflow buffer for Mika Borner's 1st head. Real-World OpenSolaris observations.

Roch Bourbonnais

Roch (rhymes with Spock) Bourbonnais: Kernel Performance Engineering - Bizarre! Vous avez dit Bizarre?

Tim Bray

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ongoing by Tim Bray

Simon Breden

Complexifying Simplicity

Mike Briggs

OneStop Secret Sauce: Building Web Community.

Alan Coopersmith

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Random thoughts of a disorganized mind...

Tim Foster

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OpenSolaris and xVM from the inside.

Alain Geenrits

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Musings on the Bitstream.

Chris Gerhard

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The dot in ... --- ...

Michael Gottwald

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Driwwergugge - Michael Gottwalds Sicht der Dinge...

Gilles Gravier

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Gilles Gravier's rants about things in general... security, open source, privacy, java, music... in particular.

R.G. Green

OpenSolaris home server thoughts from a real electrical engineer and guitar effects builder.

Martin Grüning

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Ex-Sun, now with NetApp, OpenSolaris fan.

Marc Hamilton

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HPC and Systems from an executive who's knows it from the ground up.

Alan Hargreaves

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The ramblings of an Australian SaND TSC* Principal Field Technologist

Marcel Hartmann

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Singlespeedbiker, Stadtaffe, Hobbykoch, seltsamer Mensch, paranoid, lustig, doof.

Björn Herzig

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Mac und OpenSolaris User, Progammiersprachensammler without a cause. Could you plz dtrace that? kthxbai

Claudia Hildebrandt

Systems Engineering, Solaris, Network Virtualization.

Andreas Huber

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Unix development, Travian, Geocaching and other neat stuff.

Christoph Jahn

Working for one of the leading BPM and SOA vendors in a senior presales position. His focus is on BPM and BAM for strategic customers on a worldwide basis. Apart from the functional aspects this especially covers things like architecture, performance and scalability, high availability and business continuity etc.

Rolf Kersten

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A System Engineer turned into a marketeer, still an engineer. And running.

Dennis Klein

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Web Designer, Social Media Consultant, Company owner.

Sebastian Laubscher

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blog/shl@INTERDOSE: OpenSolaris and other Unix and Service Provider wisdom.

Dave Levy

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Well written insights into technology and UK politics. With a dash of spreadsheet magic!

Tom Leyden

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Clouds and Beer

Gregor Longariva

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Sale e pepe: Solaris at Erlangen University.

Jörg Möllenkamp

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The Sun in a Lighthungry Universe. Also known as: c0t0d0s0.

Alec Muffett

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network security, free software, cycles, food, drink, life…

Matthias Pfuetzner

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News from Matthias' musings covering datacenters, music, books,

Danilo Poccia

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Thoughts, discoveries and ideas.
Photography, Information Technology, Simulation & Modeling and Everything that is Coming Next.

Michael Ramchand

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JET Stream: Mike Ramchand's blog, covering mainly JET (Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit), but with diversions into other stuff, like sailing.

Peter Reiser

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Reiser 2.0 - Community Equity at Work

Marcus Schad

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Chaosblog - Das ganz normale Chaos.

Frank Scheffler

... Counting to infinity ...

Stefan Schneider

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Scaling Bits

Das Solarium

Deutscher Gruppenblog zu Solaris und OpenSolaris

Michael Stevens

Bitwrangler: HPC and Systems Technology.

Wolfgang Stief

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Synapseninferno - unsorted thoughts of an open minded geek

Dan Templeton

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DanT's GridBlog. Grid Computing from the inside.

Andreas Weinberger stuff

Hayes Whitt

Oracle Solaris 11 Express NAS/NTP Server & Quick Start Guide.