January 2010

Ebook Thoughts: What Are Ebooks And What Are They Not?

A book goes electronic. Sort of.

2010 is going to be the year of the ebook. If it wasn't obvious before, it became so overnight after Apple entered the ebook reader and distribution market big time.

I've been eying ebook and ebook reader developments for some time and decided to become an ebook early adopter: Over the holidays, I bought myself a Sony PRS-600 Ebook Reader. In this new blogging category, I'll explore a few aspects of ebooks, formats and the ecosystem while trying to figure out what's in it for you and me and the geeks in us.

Before we dive into ebook-land, it's probably useful to figure out what the point of ebooks is in the first place, what we want from them and what we should expect of them. This is useful because today's consumers, vendors, and the whole industry seem to be distracted by features, hype and old habits, sometimes missing the point.

Home Server: RAID-GREED and Why Mirroring is Still Best

Disks in a circle. How cute.

After moving my blog to its new home and getting my hands dirty with Drupal, it's time to continue my series of blog articles about setting up a home server. Remember? We talked about home server requirements, then I presented to you my small and energy-efficient, still ECC-protected and powerful AMD-based home server. Now it's time to explore some different ZFS disk pool RAID strategies.

How To Get Drupal To Work Through Strato's SSL Reverse Proxy


Yesterday, I had two hours in a cafe, a Cappuccino on my table, a piece of lemon cake and free WLAN. "Cool", I thought, "I'll write an entry for my blog!". How romantic.
Right after I entered my blog user's password, it dawned on me: The connection to my blog wasn't encrypted! Anyone able to sniff on the local WLAN would have been able to catch my password as I entered it and steal my blog user ID!
It took me some time (slightly more than the 2 hours I had...) to figure this out, so here's a howto on how to make your login/admin tasks secure for a Drupal instance running on Strato as the hoster.

Blogging Platforms - Why I Chose Drupal and Which Useful Resources Helped Me Get Started


When creating this blog, I faced the question of what blogging platform to use: Hosted blogging, Wordpress or one of the many CMS systems out there? Here's a discussion about blogging options and why I chose Drupal as my platform of choice, plus a couple of really useful resources that helped me tailor it to my blogging needs.

Welcome to Constant Thinking

Constantin Gonzalez

Dear reader, my name is Constantin Gonzalez, and welcome to Constant Thinking!

This blog is about useful technology for the quality geek. As the name implies, I'm constantly thinking about technology, trying to figure out where it leads to, and how to get the best out of it. I try to learn, create and share useful technology stuff every day.

About the Author

I've been playing with computers since the early 80's, and with Unix and the Internet since the early 90's. I've created and installed websites since 1994, started working for Sun Microsystems in 1998 and as of now, I'm now a Principal Field Technologist at Oracle through their acquisition of Sun.
My job is to provide Technical Expertise to customers in Germany, and help with other customer projects in rest of the world. My focus areas are SPARC processors and systems, Solaris and Cloud Computing.